With the Quick® Camaro series DAM has made a modern spinning reel program that quickly became extremely popular. Equipped with a carefully designed and tested long cast spool with wide rotor design, a Camaro makes it remarkably easy for anyone to perform extreme precision casts. With its modern looks it fits almost every rod series perfectly. The Camaro is available in five sizes in both front and rear drag, so there is one for any kind of fishing. There is even a free spool version available!

  • 5 steel ball bearings
  • 1 instant anti-reverse® needle bearing
  • High-impact ABS-graphite body and rotor
  • Double anodized aluminium spool
  • Gunsmoke plated decoration parts
  • Reinforced gear construction
  • Thick bail wire
  • Micro-adjustable drag with oversized washers
Item NoModelWeightGear RatioLine CapacityLine Retrieve
1168 610QUICK CAMARO 610 RD193g5.1:1200m/0,18mm63cm
1168 620QUICK CAMARO 620 RD238g5.1:1270m/0,20mm71cm
1168 630QUICK CAMARO 630 RD259g5.1:1220m/0,25mm75cm
1168 640QUICK CAMARO 640 RD347g5.5:1180m/0,35mm88cm
1168 650QUICK CAMARO 650 RD376g5.5:1230m/0,35mm99cm
1168 660QUICK CAMARO 660 RD389g5.5:1220m/0,40mm105cm