The new Quick 5 series is a saltwater resistant reel with a smooth gear feel and a very strong and stable gear at the same time. The carbon drag system provides a super smooth drag that is so important while fighting the fish of a lifetime. The strength of an aluminum body in combination with a light weight carbon infused rotor makes sure that the angler will be able to cast all day. A great reel for saltwater spinning applications as well as freshwater spinning.
¡¡ Carbon infused rotor and aluminium body
¡¡ 7+1 Sealed stainless ball bearings
¡¡ Carbon drag system
¡¡ Super smooth gear feel
¡¡ Knurled spool
¡¡ Full spool mark
¡¡ Ergonomic EVA handle knob
¡¡ CNC machined handle
¡¡ Saltwater resistant

56934QUICK 5 1000 FD 7+1BB225G5.8:1140M/0.20MM4KG
56935QUICK 5 2000 FD 7+1BB235G5.8:1135M0.25MM6KG
56936QUICK 5 3000 FD 7+1BB275G5.8:1130M/0.30MM6KG
56937QUICK 5 4000 FD 7+1BB300G5.8:1130M/0.30MM10KG