3 FD

The Quick® 3 series is another development in the entire Quick® program. Engineered in Germany with only the best components. This complete range of reels contains small reels for light spinning but also freespool reels and some big sizes which are suitable for catfish and other heavy duty styles of fishing.Strong enough to resist the most fierce fish. Super smooth drag system, strong and reliable gear ready for any adventure at the bank. Available in the sizes 1000- 9000. Next to that there is a Quick® 3 SLS available for long distance carp fishing and beachcasting.
• 9+1 Steel ball bearings of which 3+1 stainless ball bearings
• EVA handle knob
• Knurled spool
• Lightweight graphite rotor and body
• Anti twist lineroller
• Double anodized spool

60865QUICK 3 1000 FD 9+1BB225G5.2:1162M/0.20MM6KG
60866QUICK 3 2000 FD 9+1BB237G5.2:1120M/0.25MM6KG
60867QUICK 3 3000 FD 9+1BB264G5.2:1280M/0.25MM8KG
60868QUICK 3 4000 FD 9+1BB284G5.2:1340M/0.25MM8KG
60869QUICK 3 5000 FD 9+1BB355G5.2:1200M/0.35MM11KG
60870QUICK 3 6000 FD 9+1BB374G5.1:1340M/0.35MM11KG
60871QUICK 3 8000 FD 9+1BB592G5.1:1390M/0.45MM15KG
65700QUICK 3 9000 FD 9+1BB642G5.1:1340M/0.50MM15KG