10 FD

The Quick® 10 series is the flagship in the entire Quick® program. Engineered in Germany with only the best components for the advanced angler. Combine a fully machined aluminium body and rotor and CNC stainless steel gear and you get one of the most strongest reels you can get. The gear feel and drag system are super smooth and ready to start a fight with the fish of a lifetime. Together with the incredible drag force you have a reel that can battle with any fish in salt- or freshwater.
• Aluminium CNC body and rotor
• CNC stainless main shaft, and pinion gear
• CNC Hard brass main gear
• Carbon drag washers
• 11+1 Sealed stainless ball bearings
• Saltwater resistant
• Extremely high drag force
• Machined and anodized handle
• Machined and anodized handle knob
• Slim body

60901QUICK 10 3000 FD 11+1BB385G5.1:1200M/0.30MM17KG
60902QUICK 10 4000 FD 11+1BB395G5.1:1240M/0.30MM17KG
60903QUICK 10 5000 FD 11+1BB510G5.5:1165M/0.40MM20KG
60904QUICK 10 6000 FD 11+1BB546G5.5:1265M/0.40MM25KG
609010001QUICK 10 3000 FD 11+1BB SP. SPOOL
609020001QUICK 10 4000 FD 11+1BB SP. SPOOL
609030001QUICK 10 5000 FD 11+1BB SP. SPOOL
609040001QUICK 10 6000 FD 11+1BB SP. SPOOL