Quick SLS DLX – Review from Achim Regelein


Quick SLS DLX – Review from Achim Regelein

My new babies since this spring are the new SLS DLX, the pimped brother of the Quick SLS 570 FD. What exactly do I mean when I say “pimped”? Well, the drag works with drag washers made of carbon instead of felt and this means to have a micro-adjustable drag at the same time. Up to 35 different drag forces are possible and this should cover every situation imaginable. Further, the reels are equipped with 9 ball bearings, of which one is a needle bearing. This one takes care of the infinite anti-reverse system – the return stop. The noble wooden reel handle knob rounds off the elegant and classic design. By the way: Do you know that the name of the reel is not only made up completely, but refers to special features? At all Quick reels, the first number stands for the number of ball bearings, and the second number is a sign of the reel size (for instance SLS DLX 970 – 9 ball bearings, 70 is the reel size). The two letters at the end describe the type of reel:

· FD: Front Drag
· RD: Rear Drag
· FS: Free Spool

That´s it with the “reel-ology”.
The line lay can be described with one word: accuracy


Quick SLS DLX 970 FD

More than 500m line fit to these Big Pit reels. Thanks to the so called slow oscillation system the line lay is just perfect, which looks really good on the spool. Even while reeling in the super slow lifting of the spool looks just awesome and definitely drags a lot of attention to it.

Another thing to point out is the included aluminium spare spool, which gives you the possibility to change between braided and monofilament line, or thick and thin line if needed. The spare spools are the same as the included spool.

You have also got the possibility to wind backwards, which is still very popular in the UK. The reels are delivered in noble black boxes – of course black, what else could have been chosen with this design?

The ultra-slow oscillation system helps you massively with getting your line back on your reel: The line retrieve of the SLS is 100cm per handle turn. For those of you who prefer free spool reels – the DLX is also available with free spool system. As mentioned above, the name is adjusted from Quick SLS DLX 970 FD to Quick SLS DLX 970 FS!